Watch SpaceX Launch 60 More Starlink Satellites!!

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SpaceX’s Starlink V1.0 L15 (also known as Starlink 16) mission will launch 60 Starlink satellites atop its Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon 9 will lift off from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40), from Cape Canaveral Airforce Station, in Florida. Starlink 15 will mark the 15th operational Starlink mission, boosting the total number of Starlink satellites launched to 953.
Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! -
00:00 - Intro
02:48 - Prelaunch Preview
10:35 - Q&A
20:15 - SpaceX Stream Starts
29:35 - T - 1:00
30:35 - Lift Off!
33:15 - Stage Separation
37:20 - Re-Entry Burn
39:10 - Landing Burn
40:15 - Q&A / Coast Phase
45:00 - Payload Deploy
46:55 - Q&A
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Salty Pirate
Salty Pirate 2 muaj më parë
I'm not a hater, I just think Spacelink is going to be the biggest clusterf**k in history, as far as space goes. It's nothing but deliberate space junk, a dangerous debris cloud that can't be de-orbited. For the most part, I like everything else Elon is doing.
Angela Schirmer
Angela Schirmer 3 muaj më parë
I like You
Trif 55
Trif 55 4 muaj më parë
Watch out for Mike Hunt, that cheeky bugger!
Gary David
Gary David 4 muaj më parë
Tim, would you ever consider doing a panel type live stream either with other amateur experts like yourself or fanboy/fangirls?
Bob Bailes
Bob Bailes 4 muaj më parë
Love the telemetry of the booster
Skysurfer 4 muaj më parë
45:35 What happens to that support arm when the satellites let go? De-orbit? Gets to be more of the problem?
Don Blasto
Don Blasto 4 muaj më parë
Hey boo
AMRT 4 muaj më parë
rocket lab posted the stage seperation video on their yt btw
AMRT 4 muaj më parë
im tim dodd the everyday astronaut getting trolled everyday for everyday people
Tiffany Chatham-Pardus
Tiffany Chatham-Pardus 4 muaj më parë
Joy L
Joy L 4 muaj më parë
Tim just find someone with the enthusiasm and abilities to produce your merch overseas and hire a local shipping company to handle logistics there. It seems to me it would be easier than dealing with shipping from the US and customs and everything.
Joy L
Joy L 4 muaj më parë
Elon is both optimistic and pessimistic at times. Like he thought for sure Falcon Heavy would explode on the pad or in flight.
Joy L
Joy L 4 muaj më parë
Imagine if the US state-lines were treated like they are in Australia. You would go to prison for attempting to go see SN8 15km hop.
Joy L
Joy L 4 muaj më parë
Peeps should donate to Tim's Patreon rather than giving ALnets 30% of the Superchats, which is quite a lot when you spend $50-100 and you think it's all going to Tim. 30% is crazy
Joy L
Joy L 4 muaj më parë
would rather have strong winds at sea level than at 9km when it's going Mach1
Joy L
Joy L 4 muaj më parë
The ermagerd meme is just a really old meme
Adrian Skilling
Adrian Skilling 4 muaj më parë
I’m amazed SN8 flight won’t be over sea due to high chance of failure
Jeff Zaun
Jeff Zaun 4 muaj më parë
On Mars you need oxygen. Do you need the pressurized suit? Could you hang out by the pool, or in the pool, with a scuba tank and regulator?
Jeff Zaun
Jeff Zaun 4 muaj më parë
Ships have names and numbers. Langly was CV1. The Enterprise was CV 6, then CVN 65, soon CVN 80. . Didn’t the starship Enterprise have a number?
javier olguin
javier olguin 4 muaj më parë
Twas a very good stream. There are so many exciting things happening these days in space flight! Love your coverage and can’t wait to see what you bring us from Boca Chica! You da man
Steve Blomefield
Steve Blomefield 4 muaj më parë
Elon musk specializes in getting a simple idea such as returning rockets. Designing electric vehicles. Boring under the earth. Human internet interface. The idea is simple but INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to implement, yet incredibly rewarding. 7Th return! wow. Soon all, or nearly all rockets from all agencies will return to earth, saving billions of dollars. Elon we are proud of you. Tim Love you. respect you. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.
blaine bunton
blaine bunton 4 muaj më parë
Lol the smoke In front of the camera before take off. Plus they turn all the lights off that way you can’t see the rocket.lmao Then replaced with cgi.
Colin Lewis
Colin Lewis 4 muaj më parë
Hey Tim, what kind of heat shielding is around the base of falcon (if any) to survive reentry this many times?
Blockiee 4 muaj më parë
When Kate Tice says 'of course i still love you' she doesn't mean the drone ship, right??? 😊😊😊
Moog 24
Moog 24 4 muaj më parë
What is the ring that comes off the merlin Vac Engine bell housing of the second stage a few seconds after its ignited?
Lorene Moraes
Lorene Moraes 4 muaj më parë
Como vim parar Aki 😂🙄🙄
FH - Side Booster
FH - Side Booster 4 muaj më parë
8:40 Trevor just gets ready for the next launch: 3rd CRS Mission on December 5th.
Claus Madsen
Claus Madsen 4 muaj më parë
Question for Everday Astronaut: is there a non-zero risk of first stage hitting an aircraft during re-entry?
Claus Madsen
Claus Madsen 4 muaj më parë
@Big_Smalls and small private aircraft?
Big_Smalls 4 muaj më parë
Actually tho. Good question but they clear the area
Claus Madsen
Claus Madsen 4 muaj më parë
My bold claim: because SpaceX now have made rocket launching an almost everyday event, there is no longer any need to explain what MaxQ is.
Ben Bradley
Ben Bradley 4 muaj më parë
True for us "frequent fliers" but Tim's and others' space coverage channels are growing with many first-time or infrequent viewers who don't know these things. I recall the Shuttle launches reducing thrust temporarily for the same reason, but I don't fault Tim for explaining it each time.
Paraskevas Psarrakis
Paraskevas Psarrakis 4 muaj më parë
@Joy L i still try to show the dual booster landing to as many people i know,its surprising that so many still dont know it happened...
Joy L
Joy L 4 muaj më parë
you would think so - but the vast majority of people have not the slightest clue about anything spaceflight, sadly
Paraskevas Psarrakis
Paraskevas Psarrakis 4 muaj më parë
yeah i learned that aswell because of them.
Anthoney King
Anthoney King 4 muaj më parë
Well TIM i have to disagree with you re only the Special launches as the massive Risk every time they launch any Rocket make them all Special and I know we Both are as excited to watch any Rocket Launch maybe once SpaceX is doing 20 a day might be that way you have to chose lol i think we will both be too old to care by then lol Great Vlog thanks Tim
George Bailey
George Bailey 4 muaj më parë
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 4 muaj më parë
TESAL & SPACE X.. are FANTASTIC!! I'm all into TSLA stock & ordered the cybertruck tri motor fsd..i can't wait..
Tuhin Mia
Tuhin Mia 4 muaj më parë
39:20 Ho ho. Ho ho, right.
Dean Ickes
Dean Ickes 4 muaj më parë
Tim can you please tell us what happens to the 2nd stage after it deploys its payload ?.
Denis McNurney
Denis McNurney 4 muaj më parë
Tim, How hard would it be to have a camera-shot pointed and set (f-stop et cetera) to see the stars from a SpaceX "Pointy End"?
Denis McNurney
Denis McNurney 4 muaj më parë
@Don Blasto Why's that, Don?
Don Blasto
Don Blasto 4 muaj më parë
David Beppler
David Beppler 4 muaj më parë
How much money did SpaceX save by using the same rocket 7 times?
Reinaldo Rauch
Reinaldo Rauch 4 muaj më parë
I guess Tim has a crush in Kate hummmmmm
Don Blasto
Don Blasto 4 muaj më parë
Mike Clark
Mike Clark 4 muaj më parë
Do you not think that Falcon 9 experience with landing boosters transfers to Starship landing itself?
Corey E
Corey E 4 muaj më parë
Tim.. where you live, do they grow more field corn or sweet corn?
Peter Sorrell
Peter Sorrell 4 muaj më parë
Never gets old.
v.m3 4 muaj më parë
Falcon 9 is 98% successful
Angry Doggy
Angry Doggy 4 muaj më parë
I keep watching these launches, I still find them fascinating and a fantastic achievement. My kids however are like: meh, been there done that. It just goes to show how much the space industry evolved.
TheMovieLoft 4 muaj më parë
what happens to stage 2 after depolyment great content tim top marks
Tom Hsia
Tom Hsia 4 muaj më parë
It gets deorbited and burns up in the atmosphere, IIRC.
Za Ta
Za Ta 4 muaj më parë
Do you know if the boosters are reused with the same engines with different ones ?
Gernot Fischer
Gernot Fischer 4 muaj më parë
Same Engines, only if there is a damage singel Engine will be replaced.
R Dyer
R Dyer 4 muaj më parë
Thanks for the explanation of Max Q with the mid-air intersection of the two 'graphs'. Very few launches contain this explanation, and I think it's worth hearing occasionally. The first time I understood it was a big 'Aha Moment' for me that helped pique my interest in spaceflight.
Mr Linn’s Workshop
Mr Linn’s Workshop 4 muaj më parë
The simulated booster data is excellent. So useful with situational awareness of booster condition. Apogee of 128 km was a surprise. Re entry at 50km with speed cut by around 40%. I wonder what the G force is during that deceleration? Any maths experts care to work it out?
Ian Dennis
Ian Dennis 4 muaj më parë
Thank you for your wonderful coverage I just watched the Wiederholung as they call it here in Germany as I was asleep for the live stream I always enjoy the question and answer session and I look forward to the next one.
Antonio Palmero
Antonio Palmero 4 muaj më parë
Good morning.👍
Antonio Palmero
Antonio Palmero 4 muaj më parë
Yaaaaay, 82nd.
Gean Ozz
Gean Ozz 4 muaj më parë
How many launches does a booster have to do to basically "break even" ?
Gean Ozz
Gean Ozz 4 muaj më parë
@denmaroca 2 thanks for stating the obvious, what you said applies almost to every industry and remanufacture process.....was looking for someone that knew the answer i;e 3 or 4 or 5.
denmaroca 2
denmaroca 2 4 muaj më parë
That depends on the ratio of the cost of inspection, refurbishment and preparation to the cost of manufacture and preparation. If the former is half of the latter, it will break even on the second flight. If two thirds, on the third flight, etc.
Yan Coker
Yan Coker 4 muaj më parë
SN-8 will dissasemble during the fall..
Robert Fox
Robert Fox 4 muaj më parë
Thank you!
Evgeny Mironov
Evgeny Mironov 4 muaj më parë
39:20 Ho ho. Ho ho, right.
Arleigh Javaluyas Jr.
Arleigh Javaluyas Jr. 4 muaj më parë
dave brooks
dave brooks 4 muaj më parë
Hehe, nice!
Willem Schutte
Willem Schutte 4 muaj më parë
They make it look so easy... Like a leisurely drive down the highway. Everytime I am amazed. Where SpaceX really really made me go WHOA was the Heavy test and those two boosters landed in unison... I was even more hooked then. Thanks for the Broadcast, but I was in la la land here in South Africa. Keep well.
Daniela d
Daniela d 4 muaj më parë
Next week, 15 km for Starship. I will be holding my breath until landing......or fireworks.
mark nelson
mark nelson 4 muaj më parë
Love to see spacex launch and land successfully. Hope Starlink works as well Do not know if will work as planed but at least Spacex is trying
Cause Why Not
Cause Why Not 4 muaj më parë
The commentator says that the booster is lighting up the Florida coast for the 7th time. False. One the this boosters launches (Iridium-8) was from Vandenberg :)
CowLevelCrypto 4 muaj më parë
Can't wait to see the Eloneron's work. :D ̿''\̵͇̿̿\з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿
PicklesXJ 4 muaj më parë
I like Kate but it’s just not a launch if Jessie isn’t there.
noel falabi
noel falabi 4 muaj më parë
Wow that Landing Burn is perfect!
Anthony 4 muaj më parë
39:21 Tim and Kate were in sync.
Carl Johan
Carl Johan 4 muaj më parë
Did Kate work on the Crew Dragon? If she did, then her reaction after demo-2 splashdown is very understandable (and also very endearing honestly).
gafletcher1 4 muaj më parë
Will Starship use aero breaking on Mars to loose energy for orbit insertion.
Richard G. Tøpholm
Richard G. Tøpholm 4 muaj më parë
Yes! Aerobrake is a hughe boon when landing on Mars, and the reason that a minimum energy flight to Mars takes less energy than the same to the Moon (but of course it takes months instead if days). It *could* be that the Starship was too massive to fully aerobrake on Mars from a high energy transfer, and would need something more, ie. a braking burn too, but they have not mentioned that at all, so I guess not.
k1dicarus 4 muaj më parë
Yes. They want to use it as much as possible. For landing. Orbit is when you launch.
Anything in Mind
Anything in Mind 4 muaj më parë
I am from Maldives I wish I saw a Space X any rocket go it the sky its a feeling
Roy Wessbecher
Roy Wessbecher 4 muaj më parë
Good man, thanks!
bigbelly Su
bigbelly Su 4 muaj më parë
It becomes so regular that it's like...there's nothing new except for it's the seventh landing
Rajat kumar padhy
Rajat kumar padhy 4 muaj më parë
I am curious. How would we know the velocity of starship when it goes into deep space.
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 4 muaj më parë
@Rajat kumar padhy It truly would be, I also really hope that India ramps up its space exploration as well and that we see a lot of successful private companies in the Indian space industry in the next 2-3 decades so that the US would finally notice us and we could all collab in epic proportions as allies.
Rajat kumar padhy
Rajat kumar padhy 4 muaj më parë
@harsh sharma but once we have a solid spaceship like starship then countries might go for deep exploration. That would be really awesome to see.
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 4 muaj më parë
@Rajat kumar padhy Till now only the voyager missions have gone into interstellar space.
Rajat kumar padhy
Rajat kumar padhy 4 muaj më parë
Or in case we travel beyond our solar system.. how do we calculate ships velocity. I dont know if we have a system to calculate ships velocity in such situations.
Rajat kumar padhy
Rajat kumar padhy 4 muaj më parë
If we travel beyond mars. Then we should be able to know the velocity of the ship to properly time the deceleration sequence in order to not overshoot the destination.
Thomas Donalek
Thomas Donalek 4 muaj më parë
I hope your trip to Texas is safe and fantastic! Looking forward to the 15k flight. Clean landing or RUD, it will be amazing!
Sun Sun
Sun Sun 4 muaj më parë
Space junk
Azwol 4 muaj më parë
Technically "airflow" not "wind". Love your work though. Thanks again.
Michael Dolch
Michael Dolch 4 muaj më parë
Unbelievable! This is so amazing. 7th use of this booster. Elon, we thank your parents for having you!
Carl Johan
Carl Johan 4 muaj më parë
That booster was like: "Pfft, seven flights? No biggie. Put me in coach!" :)
Archer Hosford
Archer Hosford 4 muaj më parë
I thank his dad.
HotelPapa100 4 muaj më parë
Don't make it into a cult. We're just in the throes of getting out of one of those.
a. ec
a. ec 4 muaj më parë
do you know what the actual impact of starlink is on our dark skies? i have seen conficting information on the matter, with some saying that the newest version of them will have a dark sky rating on 7 or better, whereas the ones claimes to be around a 6, with many saying in reality they weren't much better than a 4. so any clarification would be welcomed for sure, because the ever increasing pace with which our dark nighttime skies are disappearing worldwide, especially here in the u.s. is disconcerting to say the least and for me personally, it's maddening in a way because it's something that would be so easy for us to prevent. now, i understand spacex is trying to take measures to minimize their impact, but i would question whether the trade - off is worth some more cell phone reception where it is not now, when there are other alternatives to tens of thousands of satellites polluting up or near earth orbits and such....for me, the jury is still out, that's why i've asked if anyone has actual sourced or verifiable info pertaining to their luminance when viewing other astronomical objects and what not.....
a. ec
a. ec 4 muaj më parë
@k1dicarus i am aware of this, but the starlink satellites do contribute to this problem, regular cell towers no, starlink, yes.
k1dicarus 4 muaj më parë
Dark nighttime skies are disappearing worldwide because of light pollution from the ground. And it is internet access, not cellphone network coverage.
Ismail Yusof
Ismail Yusof 4 muaj më parë
Can we have an Everyday Astronaut video deep dive into the full fate of all those 2nd stages of the falcon 9 that gets discarded after their payloads are deployed? Please?😅
FireFly 4 muaj më parë
@John Aldrich indeed. And with starship you won't have that anymore. Fully reuse.
John Aldrich
John Aldrich 4 muaj më parë
@Tim Schäfer A portion of the second stage burns up on reentry and some of the debris lands in the ocean. There's no good mechanism for retrieving them and the area they fall over is vast. Yes, it is pollution but it's so miniscule compared to what is made by shipping that it hardly matters. Heck, the trash people throw in the ocean from boats is orders of magnitude higher than rocket debris.
Tim Schäfer
Tim Schäfer 4 muaj më parë
Are they just splashing down and cluttering the sea? I hope they are fished out and disposed/recycled, although I suspect they are just dumped in the ocean.
Ismail Yusof
Ismail Yusof 4 muaj më parë
@Daniela d any studies carried out to show how completely they burn up?
Daniela d
Daniela d 4 muaj më parë
They burn in the atmosphere within days.
furriephillips 4 muaj më parë
Have you noticed that they have stopped hiding the release mechanism?
Jason Stevens
Jason Stevens 4 muaj më parë
@capri sun on the starlink satellites
capri sun
capri sun 4 muaj më parë
Which part? On the launch pad or on the upper stage?
MaxQmodels 4 muaj më parë
I guess they have shown it so often "accidentally" that they dont bother to hide it anymore😅
Kage242 4 muaj më parë
You're going to use Starlink for your starship coverage aren't you?
denmaroca 2
denmaroca 2 4 muaj më parë
Unfortunately, Texas is too far south. But in future ...
k1dicarus 4 muaj më parë
@Wolfgang Selle He means Tim when in Texas.
Wolfgang Selle
Wolfgang Selle 4 muaj më parë
@Kage242... of course that’s what Elon Musk is doing .. Starlink is finance starship and this dream to go to the Mars ..
DigitalMuse 4 muaj më parë
I will be checking out your website on black friday! So would this lunar starship concept be feasible?: 1. Falcon 9 launches into orbit. It has a red dragon capsule as the top 2. The red dragon capsule reaches LEO where it docks at the top (cone area) of a fully fueled lunar starship. 3. The lunar crew starship then travels to the moon 4. The lunar crew starship goes into LLO. The red dragon capsule detaches and lands on a prefab surface landing pad, that will prevent dust pickup. 5. The crew will have all their gear ready from a robotic CARGO lunar starship that landed there prior. 6. The crew will leave the moon on the red dragon and attach back to the crew lunar starship. 7. The lunar starship reaches LEO. 8. The red dragon detaches and lands back on earth. 9. The lunar starship is refueled in orbit and awaits another red dragon capsule to dock in its cone.
mattis117 4 muaj më parë
have a nice trip to texas :D i bought some covidmasks from ur online shop. you only have my permission to use the money on Mnt Dew and Doritos.
Argen 4 muaj më parë
Still a ways to go before a falcon 9 beats Discovery's 39 missions, but they are on the same order of magnitude now.
Dylan Pritchard
Dylan Pritchard 4 muaj më parë
@Leo Sanjaya Falcon 9’s boosters don’t cost 1.5 billion each time they fly.
Govindaraj D
Govindaraj D 4 muaj më parë
@ian fox 10 is the least number with the same order of magnitude as 39... Right?
Argen 4 muaj më parë
@ian fox I know the internet has trouble with this concept, but things don't have to be identical to compare them. In fact that would defeat the purpose. Until someone else reflies some orbital class hardware, the shuttle is the only real point of comparison we have, and even after we see an electron fly a few times, the shuttle will still be worth comparing both of them to.
ian fox
ian fox 4 muaj më parë
@Govindaraj D I dont follow 10? Falcoln9 is capable of being reused with minor attention for 10 flights and 100 flights with full refurbishment
ian fox
ian fox 4 muaj më parë
BTW the shuttles had a 40% vehicular failure rate. 2 exploding outta 5 made is not good
FromOnHigh 4 muaj më parë
Now Elon's the 2nd richest person in the world!
EthanHarry Du
EthanHarry Du 4 muaj më parë
Tim Dodd one of your mods in chat timed me out just because I was sending a message about my excitement for the rocket launch and I wrote it in all caps, then I posted a similar message , about a minute later, just in case some people did not see it. I was timed out by one of your mods, named "Nightbot", for my post because he/she said I was spamming in all caps. I really wasn't spamming and many other people weren't spamming too. These mods don't know the definition of spamming and they timed people out for sending random messages twice. I think people should only get warned if they wrote a totally unexpected and rude message ten or fifteen times. I felt this was extremely rude, disrespectful, and uncalled for. She or he gave me a "spamming in caps" warning and timed me out. I felt like it was rude for mods to treat people like dog crap for posting a comment about excitement . If the action taken towards me was discrimination, I expect an apology. Please talk to your mods about excessive force and power trips in chats. Thank you.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 4 muaj më parë
Dude it's a bot. Tim isn't going to change the settings cause that is how they stop spamming in the chat. Just take the caps lock off. Don't feed the algorithm.
TheRadioactiveBanana-Gaming 4 muaj më parë
@EthanHarry Du i dont think so lel
EthanHarry Du
EthanHarry Du 4 muaj më parë
@Everyday Astronaut is there any way you can program Nightbot so that he will only give spam warnings when people actually spam?
TheRadioactiveBanana-Gaming 4 muaj më parë
its just a bot dont take it personal
EthanHarry Du
EthanHarry Du 4 muaj më parë
@Everyday Astronaut I agree with you. I just think that sometimes Nightbot gives out timeouts when they are not necessary so I wanted to get my word out.
R.E. g.
R.E. g. 4 muaj më parë
Never gets old
Dungeon Questing
Dungeon Questing 4 muaj më parë
Wait, 60?!
Bjay AwesomeBlackDude
Bjay AwesomeBlackDude 4 muaj më parë
Yes Russia which they could
gem amen
gem amen 4 muaj më parë
Love USA
Daniel 4 muaj më parë
Launch at 30:31
DatBoi_wild 12
DatBoi_wild 12 4 muaj më parë
H. H.
H. H. 4 muaj më parë
""" FromOnHigh 6 minutes ago Now Elon's the second richest person in the world! 👍 👎 REPLY DatBoi_wild 12 24 minutes ago 3rd 👍 👎 REPLY """ What's going on here? Obviously the second person is replying to something other than the first, but I don't know what.
Colin Webster
Colin Webster 4 muaj më parë
Ryan Bigguy
Ryan Bigguy 4 muaj më parë
You're here for 30:30
Redcoat 4 muaj më parë
I love how they both said the same thing one after another.
Bernon Aarey
Bernon Aarey 4 muaj më parë
@EasternxEnvy That's the only bit I watch.
furriephillips 4 muaj më parë
@EasternxEnvy I still get a bit teary-eyed when they land back on land & the drone ship landings never cease to impress me. I’m also 100% here for the release @ 44:45
EasternxEnvy 4 muaj më parë
actually I'm here for 39:18
xenialvirtuoso 4 muaj më parë
First! Yay!
Friday Californiaa
Friday Californiaa 4 muaj më parë
Nope 😂
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